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SUCCOTASH Description

SUCCOTASH in Washington DC falls under the category of Restaurants in Washington DC with a rating of 4.4 by users. SUCCOTASH located at 915 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States. SUCCOTASH Geographic Coordinates: longitude — -77.0247549, latitude — 38.8975696.

SUCCOTASH operates from . For more information, please call on (202) 849-6933 or visit SUCCOTASH Website. If you have ever been to SUCCOTASH, share your experience with other users and write a review.


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Reviews of SUCCOTASH

Michael Kunzelman

This is not about the food, because we didn’t get that far. It is only about the host experience. We checked in for our reservation (almost 20 minutes early) that had been made nearly two weeks prior and were seated at a small two top table against a pole in the center of the restaurant. My wife politely asked if there was any way we could be seated at one of the tables on the perimeter or upstairs that were clearly open at that moment and were just told, “no, we are fully booked until 9:30” with no further discussion. Now, I find it hard to believe that none of those anticipated parties that were booked were parties of two that could have been given this table instead of one of the others that were open. We also would have been more agreeable if any effort at all had been made to explore the options. He could have even patronized us and we wouldn’t have known any better. This gentleman just decided to be rude and dismissive instead. Kindness wasn’t something he had time for. We left, not because of the table, but because of the treatment. We walked across the street to Pi, and had great food and a great time with the staff. It wasn’t the steak I anticipated having, but what I had was excellent and didn’t come with a side of indifference.

Rebecca Wilson

Was excited to try this recommended eatery. The food was good. The service was not good. The price was expensive. I don't recommend. That is hard to write. Chicken and waffles and a few side items shouldn't be $100. Especially since it was delivered 40 minutes in. I ended up with food the people next to me had ordered. I flagged the error. The folks never did get it replaced before I left. The table to the other side of me had 3 people who ordered, only one got his food. The service was a wreck. I ordered a mint julep. Don't do that, it was very poorly made... Full of shaved ice, whiskey and nothing else. Skip this one.

Thomas Smith

Absolute delight. The architecture is beautiful and everything in the place from the staff to the food to even the peach tea is meant to take you and your senses down to a Georgia plantation. The service is impeccable and so attentive. The taste of the South is what we had and highly recommend. Delicate flavors but leaves an impact. If you EVER want to eat comfort food go here you will not be disappointed.

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915 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States