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Jason's Deli Reviews Montgomery AL

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Reviews of Jason's Deli Montgomery AL

Johnny Gilmore Jr

Truly enjoyed my visit to Jason's Deli today. It was moderately busy, but the service was fast and the dish was cooked fresh to order. Speaking of which, the CB Ranch Potato was delicious! Tender chunks of grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, onions, bacon and more. Truly a "loaded" potato in every sense of the word, very filling and at a reasonable price! Definitely would recommend!

mary davis

They were very nice and helpful. Have good food also. And free soft serve 🍦! It was really good

Tyler Rennell

Went early evening with a large party, no other patrons in the building so quick/plentiful seating. Tables were sticky/not wiped down, printed menus had crusted food on them, and old plates were left on tables inside and outside. Service was very quick and personable, food was good, and the ice cream machine worked for both flavors.

Janis Wells

First time here and will definitely return. The food was good, the cashier and the bus boy was very friendly and attentive. Salad bar look fresh and clean and was overall very happy with the place. Will definitely recommend.

Julie Meinhardt

Wow.. be sure to try the muffeletto and salad bar. You will thank me! Great service with a smile.



1520 Eastern Blvd #12, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States