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LiveOaks Auburn AL

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.3 with 245 reviews about LiveOaks
City: Auburn AL

LiveOaks Description

LiveOaks in Auburn AL falls under the category of Restaurants in Auburn AL with a rating of 4.3 by users. LiveOaks located at 201 N College St, Auburn, AL 36830, United States. LiveOaks Geographic Coordinates: longitude — -85.482068, latitude — 32.6092977.

LiveOaks operates from . For more information, please call on (334) 521-5101 or visit LiveOaks Website. If you have ever been to LiveOaks, share your experience with other users and write a review.

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Reviews of LiveOaks

Kassiey Allred

LiveOaks has disappointed every time I’ve been here. The food - when you can get it - is decent, but they are always understaffed and overwhelmed. Tonight we brought a large group to celebrate a birthday, despite being told reservations weren’t allowed, we decided to come anyway with an assurance we would be taken care of. Our server Noah was very sweet and was clearly doing his best with what he was given, but he was running around trying to do way too many things at one time. The bartender was great but also clearly overwhelmed with little to no help from management. At one point, some of our later joining guests had been sitting for about an hour without drinks in hand. We arrived at 6:30 and at 8:30 were told the kitchen was still backed up and hadn’t started on our entrees. A few of us had to cancel our orders to meet other engagements, after spending two hours in the establishment. The manager never came over and at 9PM one of our guests called for her and suggested Our server may need some help, to which she responded, “Is it Noah?” Who then came to the table -and she walked away never to be seen again. Noah clearly felt bad and offered a drink for the birthday girl on him. This was a very disappointing way to spend a birthday celebration and it can only be due to a lack of good management and proper support. LiveOaks - do better by your team. Not everyone will be as appreciative of your staffs hard work.

Max Nixon

The kitchen is always slammed, there is usually a wait, and it is all worth it. Love the outdoor space, and I have had great food so far after 5 visits.

Gary Groves

It was suggested that we go try LiveOaks in Auburn....well we tried too. We got there and my wife and daughter go in to try and get a table (they are seated immediately) while I was tending to our younger daughter. Myself and our other daughter get in and we locate my wife and other daughter and we sit................20 - 25 minutes later we get up and leave. Not one waiter/waitress acknowledged our table, a couple of them looked our way but never came over to our table so we just decided to leave and go somewhere else.

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201 N College St, Auburn, AL 36830, United States