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Lucy's Reviews Auburn AL

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City: Auburn AL

Reviews of Lucy's Auburn AL

William Rand Ministries

Meal for the wedding party. Everyone was pleased except me. (Those dirty tasting uncooked carrots) server ghosted us a bit, but quick to add that 20% on our $400 meal

jason parkman

Treat yourself. The bartenders are more than knowledgeable, the staff is friendly, and the owner takes pleasure in serving the guests. The food I've tried, tacos in the past, burgers, and salads are fresh, flavorful, and not leaving you feeling bloated but full and satisfied. It's also a great looking establishment, an experience like you’re on vacation.

Kristine White

This used to be our favorite spot in Auburn. It is hard to get a response both in email and phone. I had my son’s birthday party here and I was charged for lunch and not brunch which was the agreement when I signed the contract. Nothing really special was part of the menu as it was just a simple brunch yet paid so much for 8 kids and 17 adults. The service was not good, it could have been better. I had another friend who was asking to book, called so many times yet never heard a call back. Also, sent an inquiry for another event, never heard back. I guess as much as I want to give this place a chance we will just stop going here. I guess, my main point is paying so much money for bad service. Food is great yes, service is bad.

Scott Campbell

Seriously, I’ve had it with Lucy’s Restaurant! This is the second time in a row where my wife and I decided to go out to eat at the last minute. She likes Lucy’s so we went, only to be told by the condescending hostess that, “If you want a table you have to make a reservation, but you can sit at the bar.” At no point were there less than 6 empty tables and most of the time there were 8 empty tables. Go to Hamilton’s!!! It’s 20 feet away, I personally like the food much better, and I’ve never been greeted with anything less than a warm welcome. Still, if you prefer to be condescended to by a hostess, then Lucy’s is your place.

Richard Conway

The best food in Auburn!! I love the good vibes from the staff and the awesome atmosphere that the decor and music add to the already amazing food experience! If you haven’t already, come try the best brunch, lunch, and dinner that Auburn has to offer.



2300 Moores Mill Rd, Auburn, AL 36830, United States