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Top 14 African Cuisines You MUST Try In

For many people, their perception of African food is limited to chicken or beef cooked with a variety of vegetables in a hot pot. The truth is that this represents only a fraction of the different dishes in Africa, and there are so many delicious cuisines in Africa. We have put together a list of the top 14 African foods you MUST try in (year) & find out African restaurants near me now

14. Ugali

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Ugali is a dish made from maize flour. It is the staple food in Eastern Africa that many people associate with grits or polenta. Ugali can be eaten by itself but is usually served with side dishes which may include stews, meat, fish, greens, and even mushrooms depending on what is available.

13. Jerk chicken/Jerk Pork

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Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork are marinated chicken or pork cooked over charcoal placed directly onto your personal stovetop (in the case of camping). The meat is dry-rubbed with spices and herbs and can be used as a main dish (usually comes with rice) or as a side dish with any number of other dishes such as fried plantains, fried dumplings, etc. Jerk Pork is a very popular dish in Jamaica and is considered their popular meal

12. Kebabs/Shish kebabs

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Africa has a huge variety of kebab recipes where they can be made from fish, beef, lamb, or goat meat. They are served with either rice, bread or French fries depending on your preference. In North Africa, it is very common to eat couscous as a side dish, which goes perfectly well with any African shish kebab!

11. Inguday tibs (Ethiopian Style Cabbage Stir Fry)

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Cabbage stir-fry might sound like an odd thing to eat, but this Ethiopian-style cabbage dish has the most amazing taste you could ever imagine! It is made up of cabbage, onion, and tomatoes cooked with a variety of spices. It goes great as a side dish or even by itself.

10. Suya (Ghanaian Shish kebab)

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Suya is considered Ghanas popular dish since it can be found all over the country and enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Suya comes in different variations and each region can have its own way of making it: beef, chicken, or lamb marinated in a spicy peanut butter sauce served on sticks! Sometimes the meat is served without the stick for easier access.

9. Akara Balls (black-eyed bean fritters)

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Akara balls are another fried snack that originates from West Africa. They are made from black-eyed beans (or cowpeas) and sometimes contain onions, garlic, pepper, or other spices. These little snacks make the perfect side dish or can be served with fried plantains for a complete meal.

8. Fufu

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Fufu is another staple food in Africa that shares similar features to ugali except that its made up of flour/cassava/tapioca instead of maize meal. It is eaten with soups, stews, and sauces just like you would eat mashed potatoes with gravy! The consistency varies depending on the region but usually comes in three different styles: lumpy, smooth, or somewhere in between. Some people even eat fufu as a dessert by adding fruit flavoring with condensed milk!

7. Koki (Kenyan Curry)

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Koki is a Kenyan curry dish made up of meat, veggies and potatoes all mixed with a mild spice mixture. The consistency of the koki sauce ranges from hot to mild, depending on individual preference. It can be eaten by itself or served alongside rice for lunch or dinner. One good thing about koki is that there are no strict rules on how you should eat it, so if youre ever invited to someones house for dinner, just let them know that you dont mind eating it with your hands!

6. Goat Meat & Kebabs/Shish kebabs

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Goat meat is very popular all across Africa and has been so ever since human civilization began. In many countries, goat meat is eaten more than beef. Goat meat is a healthier alternative to beef and lamb since it contains less fat, so many people prefer to cook goat meat shish kebabs over any other type of kebab!

5. Jollof Rice

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Jollof rice is a dish that originates from Western Africa but is enjoyed all across the continent! It is made up of rice, tomatoes, onion and various types of spices then topped off with either fish or meat depending on individual preference. The name "Jollof" means "one-pot" which means its cooked in one single pot to save you time instead of cooking each ingredient separately like other dishes. Even though this dish has tomato sauce, it does not taste anything like spaghetti bolognese, so dont worry about getting your daily dose of veggies!

4. Egusi Soup

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Egusi soup is a thick and spicy West African stew made up of melon seed kernels, spinach, meat, and various spices such as ginger and thyme! This filling soup can be eaten by itself or served with fufu if you want to turn it into a complete meal. It usually takes a while for the egusi seeds to soften, so this dish is perfect for those days when you want to take it easy and not do any cooking: just add all the ingredients in one big pot and let them simmer away while you relax and chill out!

3. Sauce Chien (Dry-Spiced Tunisian Fish)

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This Tunisian fish dish may look simple, but it's very tasty and nutritious! Fish is first marinated in a spicy seasoning, then deep-fried until golden brown. The fish is usually served with bread for dipping in the sauce, which makes the perfect side dish when you're on a low-carb diet or want to enjoy a quick lunch or dinner! You can also add rice to make it into a complete meal if your taste buds feel like it.

2. Okra Soup (Bamies)

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Okra soup originates from West Africa but has been enjoyed all over the world thanks to globalization! It is made up of okra, dried shrimp, tomato paste, and spices that are slow-cooked together for about an hour, resulting in a thick green broth that tastes great when served with rice. Some people even eat the okra by itself like you would eat chips with salsa! So next time someone asks you whats your favorite African food, let them know that bamies are definitely on top of your list.

1. Yassa (Dry-Spiced Chicken)

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This spicy West African dish usually consists of marinated chicken that has been fried until crispy then spiced up to perfection and served with onions, tomatoes, or lettuce. The flavorful sauce can be eaten as a dipping sauce too, so don't feel shy to ask for extra spoonfuls! This dry-spiced chicken dish tastes best if it's eaten fresh out of the pan, so make sure not to leave leftovers lying around because they won't taste nearly as good reheated.

If you are a true foodie then you will definitely enjoy these African dishes as there's a dish for everyone. But how to choose the best African restaurants near you? Just visit restaurants near me and check out the best African restaurants near you listed with contact details and reviews!

Final Words

African food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world because all dishes are made up of natural ingredients that can be found locally. Even though each country has its own ways of preparing African food, most dishes usually have at least one thing in common: a starch base with a rich sauce!


What is traditional African food?

Most traditional African food is a combination of meat and starches, served with a rich sauce in order to add flavor. Common examples include fufu, yam dishes, and soups included in the dish!

What is the staple food of Africans?

The staple food of Africans is starch-based dishes that are rich in flavor thanks to spices.

What are some names of African food?

Some popular names of African food include fufu, okra soup, and Yassa.

What is the most popular drink in Africa?

The most popular drink in Africa is Umgombothi which is a traditional South African drink.

Who has the best food in Africa?

Ethiopia has the best food in Africa because it has a diverse set of cultures and therefore, a diversified cuisine.

Is East African food spicy?

East African food is almost always spicy because it usually consists of Indian influences that add a punchy twist to each dish.

What are the main staples of East African cuisine?

The main staples of East African cuisine are rice, fish, and vegetables.

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