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The Most Tastiest & Top 15 Asian Cuisines You Must Try

Asian cuisine is popular all over the world, after all, it has become very popular due to the overwhelming acceptance that spices have. The curries are just amazing and one cant forget about the delicious desserts served in Asian countries.

Although western dishes are known to be rich with flavours Asian cuisines cannot be neglected because of their exquisite taste and preparation methods.

Asian dishes are known to be delicious due to the influence of international cuisine. That is why you will find certain parts of the world which have achieved an amalgamation of both, creating some truly amazing dishes. Find Restaurants near me here.

Chinese Cuisinechinese cuisene restaurants near me

People who like Chinese cuisine prefer eating vegetarian dishes because the food is very simple and there are no chances of overconsumption. But if you want to enjoy an oily dish, then you can opt for the delicious stir-fries that are served along with noodles. Just make sure to try out all kinds of cuisines otherwise it will not be worth it. Find Chinese restaurants near me or Chinese food near me here.

Thai Cuisine

thai cuisene restaurants near me

Thai cuisine has become popular around the world due to the unique blend of spices used in its preparation but people often face a problem; they think that eating Thai food too much may cause problems related to the digestive system. However, this is just a myth so eat as much Asian food as you please, since this will broaden your range of taste buds making them more and more sensitive to new flavours. Find Thai restaurants near me here

Indian Cuisine

indian cuisene restaurants near me

Indian cuisine is famous for its spicy flavour and a large variety of curries, especially vegetarian ones, due to which it has become very popular in the western world. One can order Indian food from different restaurants or just prepare it at home using a little oil and delicious spices such as garlic and ginger. Add a few veggies if you want to add some extra taste to your curry. Find Indian restaurants near me here

Japanese Cuisine

japanese cuisine restaurants near me

People love eating sushi because of its refreshing taste but when you try out other Japanese desserts such as mochi or green tea ice cream then youll fall in love with this cuisine even more. Just make sure that when youre ordering sushi, do not add too much soy sauce otherwise it will lose its freshness. Find Japanese restaurants near me here.

Korean Cuisine

korean cuisine restaurants near me

Kimchi is one of the most famous Korean snacks because its spicy and aromatic that makes people crave more and more of this delicious dish. Dont just limit yourself to kimchi, but try out other soups and salads made by Koreans, theyre truly amazing in taste! Find Korean restaurants near me here.

Vietnamese Cuisine

vietnamese restaurants near me

Who doesnt like a bowl of pho? Well, if you dont then go and try it out as soon as possible! This amazing dish is made using noodles and delicious vegetables such as coriander leaves, lime juice and chillies. Vietnamese cuisine has some other amazing dishes such as spring rolls and salad rolls so try them all at least once. Find Vietnamese restaurants near me here.

Mongolian Cuisine

mongolian cuisine restaurants near me

People who like the taste of garlic must try Mongolian food because it is loaded with this ingredient. The grains are stir-fried in butter using spicy garlic which makes them mouthwatering. One bite and youll want to eat more and more of this amazing dish! Find Mongolian restaurants near me here.

Singaporean Cuisine

singaporean cuisine restaurants near me

Singaporean cuisine has an Oriental touch to it which makes people go crazy about its taste. You can either try out spicy cuisine or sweet, the choice is yours! Singaporean food is known for having a variety of noodle dishes like fried noodles and curry noodles so if youre fond of this dish then you will enjoy Singapores cuisine even more. Find Singaporean restaurants near me here.

Bangladeshi Cuisine

bangladeshi cuisine restaurants near me

The curries in Bangladesh are sweet and spicy with a little sour taste added to them which makes them even more delicious. One dish that you must try out is the Bengali fish curry made by cooking pieces of fish in an onion-tomato gravy along with spices like chilli, coriander leaves, turmeric powder etc.

Nepal Cuisine

nepalese ciosine restaurants near me

The food in Nepal is similar to Indian cuisine but they have a few special dishes as well. One dish that you must try is the Dal Bhat, a dish made with rice and lentils along with vegetables such as tomato and onions. Now and then people from other countries visit Nepal for their delicious food so if you too want to enjoy the taste of Nepali cuisine then go there soon!

Bhutanese cuisine

bhutanese cuisine restaurants near me

Bhutanese food is basically influenced by Tibetan and Indian cuisines. A dish that they are most famous for is the Ema Datshi, a spicy dish made with chillies, cheese and other spices. Another mouthwatering dish is the Phaksha Paa which is made with pork, ginger, garlic etc. You can try out these dishes at restaurants located near monasteries or you can visit Bhutan to experience this taste firsthand!

Taiwanese cuisine

taiwanese cuisine restaurants near me

Taiwanese food is known for its sweet flavours and it has several desserts to offer. The most popular one is the Three Cup Chicken which is made from scratch with the help of garlic, rice wine and soy sauce. Another amazing dish that you can try out in Taiwan is the Oyster omelette, a dish filled with juicy oysters cooked in an omelette along with green onion and other spices!

Cambodian cuisine

cambodian cuisine restaurants near me

Cambodian food is one of the spiciest cuisines around the world with dishes made from fresh vegetables and chillies. A dish that you have to try out if youre visiting Cambodia is the beef Amok, it is cooked with coconut milk along with lemongrass leaves which makes it super aromatic! Cambodian food has other amazing dishes as well such as fish amok, steamed fish etc.

Malaysian cuisine

malaysian cuisine restaurants near me

Malaysian food is spicy and hot with a little bit of sweetness added to it. One dish thats made every now and then is the Nasi Lemak which is basically rice cooked along with coconut milk, chilli paste and some other spices. Malaysian food has more than 200 dishes so youll find more than enough delicious food there!

Maldivian cuisine

maldivian cuisine restaurants near me

Maldivian food is basically influenced by Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. If you love seafood then you will enjoy Maldivian cuisine even more as they have several fish dishes such as mas riha which is rice cooked with spices and grated coconut along with fish curry! Other than this they also have amazing meat dishes like kulhi banyaar which is made with fried or roasted marinated chicken!

If you are looking for the best Asian Cuisines near you, then look no further than restaurants near me! Here you will find the best Asian restaurants near me, along with their map directions, contact details and reviews.

Final Words

The best thing about Asian cuisine is that you get a variety of dishes to taste and enjoy! So if youre tired of eating the same bland food then switch to Asian food because its definitely going to spice up your life a little bit.


What are Asian cuisine foods?

There are several cuisines in Asian countries that include Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and many more. They all have their own style and different cooking techniques which they use to cook different dishes.

What is the most popular Asian food?

Pho, Panipuri, Gua Bao, Som Tam Thai, Miso Ramen, Satay, Gimbap, Liangpi, etc.

What are the three cuisine areas of Asia?

East, South and Southeast Asia.

Is Korean food considered Asian?

Yes, Korean food is considered East Asian cuisine.

What is the most popular Chinese food in America?

Egg Roll, Sesame Chicken, Wonton Soup, Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Orange Chicken, etc.

What do Asians eat for breakfast?

Soybean Milk and Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, steamed Buns Stuffed with Meat, Soup, Tofu Pudding, Wheat Noodles, Rice Noodles, etc.

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