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14 Traditional Australian Dishes You Need To TRY!

It’s no secret that Australia has some of the best food in the world.

While we can all agree that their seafood is to die for, it’s not their only speciality. This article will be exploring 14 traditional Australian dishes you need to try! Find out Australian restaurants near me or Australian food near me here and you can find more best restaurants near me, fast food near me, and food near me here.

1. Pavlova

This is a dessert that has been popular in Australia since the 1920s. A pavlova consists of meringue with cream and fruit on top, which isn’t that different from other desserts, but it does taste much better there!

2. ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC biscuits are very hard to come by outside of Australia even though they were created for soldiers during World War I. These snackable treats are so delicious because they consist of rolled oats which makes them crunchy, coconut, flour, sugar, and golden syrup which makes them sweet and delicious! You could always try making your batch if you can't find them at your local bakery or supermarket!

3. Vegemite on Toast

While this is not everyone’s cup of tea, some people cannot go without their daily dose of Vegemite! This yeast extract spreads on toast and tastes tangy, salty, and bitter all at the same time. Some people spread butter or cheese on top to balance out the flavours, but it can be eaten on its own as well!

4. Aussie's Meat Pie

Australia’s take on the meat pie is truly incomparable to any other country’s version of this delicious dish! The crust usually consists of shortcrust pastry which adds flavour, while the filling varies depending on where you get it from. Sometimes it comes with mashed potato on top, while other times the filling is made up of beef while onion gravy covers everything.

5. Lamington

This delectable treat consists of cubes of sponge cake which are dipped in chocolate sauce and covered in coconut! This rich, chocolaty dessert was created by a woman named Daisy as a gift for her son’s birthday and is now sold everywhere across Australia!

6. Tim Tams

Tim Tams are a very popular Australian chocolate biscuit that consists of two thin layers which have been welded together by delicious chocolate at the bottom. There are several flavours of this biscuit including mint, caramel, and hazelnut! These babies can be found in local supermarkets all around Australia, so you definitely don’t have to worry about not being able to find them when you need an accompaniment with your afternoon tea or coffee.

7. Baked Beans on Toast

Baked beans on toast is another dish that seems like it could come from any other country but happens to taste amazing in Australia! If you want something simple yet endearing, then baked beans on toast is exactly what you need! It consists of toast, baked beans with tomato sauce and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

8. All-day Breakfast

This is an Australian staple when it comes to breakfasts! Australians love eggs, bacon, sausages, and all that kind of stuff, so you often see these things in their morning meals. You can find all-day breakfast being served up in cafés across Australia, so go on ahead and give it a try!

9. Chocolate Fish

This is one of the tastiest chocolates you will find in Australia by far! It consists of an oblong-shaped slab of milk chocolate filled with a chewy caramel, which is then coated in dark chocolate. It is not too hard to come across Australian-made Cadbury’s chocolates, so why not give this delicious treat a try!

10. Fish and Chips

No trip to Australia would be complete without trying fish and chips! It’s even better when you find the perfect seaside café that serves its own version of this popular fast food dish because then you can enjoy your lovely meal by an ocean or harbourside view as well! Not only does fish and chips taste good, but it also goes hand in hand with one of Australia’s best-known drinks, the Fosters beer!

11. Snags (sausages)

Snags are sausages, and they can be made out of anything really! It could be chicken, beef, or even lamb. The great thing about them is that you can find many brands which offer their own version of this popular fast food item, so it makes for quite an interesting tasting experience as well.

12. Chiko Roll

Chiko rolls were created during World War II after using up all the canned food supplies to make chikos - small sticks of deep-fried potato filled with vegetables like peas, corn, and onion. Not only does this snack taste good, but it’s also very cheap, especially if you get them from the local food court!

13. Egg and Bacon Roll

Simply delicious, that is all there is to say about this heavenly breakfast roll. It consists of bread filled with baked beans, covered in scrambled eggs then topped with crispy bacon strips! You can find these being sold everywhere across Australia, so go on ahead and give it a try next time you are at your nearest café.

14. Vegemite Sandwich

Vegemite is an Australian staple when it comes to spreads for sandwiches or toast! The traditional way of eating Vegemite is by spreading it onto hot buttered toast, which melts the vegemite before digging into this delectable combination! Vegemite is an acquired taste, so it’s up to you whether you want to try out this popular Australian spread or not.

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Final Words

If you are planning a trip to Australia and want to try out some unique Australian dishes, then take this list with you so you know what places to check out. If you live in Australia and haven’t tried these 14 popular Australian dishes yet, then give them all a go and enjoy!


What kind of food is Australia known for?

Australia is quite diverse when it comes to food. It has Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai, and many other kinds of cuisine available in various restaurants around the country. You can expect to find all sorts of fish dishes being enjoyed here because Australia is surrounded by water! So if you are into seafood, then go ahead and enjoy your fill while you are down under!

Does Australia have a cuisine?

Yes, Australia does have its own cuisine. Australian cuisine consists of meat pies, hamburgers, and all sorts of dishes that are purely Aussie! You can even find some popular Aussie foods in Woolworths or Coles supermarkets around the country, so do check them out if you want to try something new while you are here!

What do Aussies eat for breakfast?

A typical Australian breakfast might include anything from a hearty fry-up to freshly cooked eggs and smoked bacon. Nothing beats a plate of succulent farm-fresh eggs, smoky bacon, grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms. Sausages, hash browns, or beans may be added as options!

What is Australia's most popular drink?

Australians are proud of their drink options and range. The most well-known beverage in Australia is vino. Red wine is the most popular drink in this nation.

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